Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828-1882), Hamlet & Ophelia - 1866

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I have to make a terrifying phone call so I am procrastinating on tumblr \o/

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louis icart


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Lauren Bacall in Dark Passage, 1947.

her face her hair her eyebrows i just no

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Correa de Vivar, Juan - La Anunciación


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Sophia, logos of God, blessing chalice, 14th-century fresco, Byzantine-Greek Church of St Stephen, Soleto, Puglia, Italy / De Agostini Picture Library / A. Vergani / The Bridgeman Art Library

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[Italian Early Renaissance Painter, ca.1440-1501]

Madonna and Child
c. 1482
Tempera on panel, 68 x 52 cm
Szépmûvészeti Múzeum, Budapest

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15th century textile fragment

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and to make matters worse, my account has gone beyond its overdraft thanks to the bank suddenly deciding to charge me for things that happened months ago and it’s £6 a day in charges \o/ THANKS

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Old type bridal costume of Kymi, Evia (Euboea)

18th century

© Peloponnesian Folklore Foundation Collection, Nafplion

This bridal costume is a real rarity. Typologically it belongs among the island costumes of the Greek world, as these took shape in the eighteenth century.

 The dress is made of pure silk brocade imported from Western Europe, with a hem of a different brocade. The brocaded design of the hem is the same as that of the waistcoat but the material is of poorer quality, which reveals the existence of two kinds of material with the same woven design. 

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for some reason i ended up on urbandictionary and i found the most accurate description of switzerland ever

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Gladys Cooper, c. 1910

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Very little food in. Almost out of essentials like milk and toilet roll. No money until Wednesday at the earliest. Ehhhhh.

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I love old things. Modern things are so cold. I need things that have lived.
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Paul Poiret, 1911-1912

The Kyoto Costume Institute

probably my all time favourite dress ?????????

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