if it weren’t for google doodles i wouldn’t have known that it’s my anniversary of getting engaged today, woo

cos there was a st george’s day google doodle then and there is now \o/

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A handy guide to some of the terrible things the Mail has printed since 1924.

This barely scratches the surface, though, I find it hard to believe they didn’t do anything terrible between 1956 and 1984.

and yet people still use it as a source

leftists from outside the UK still use it as a source

you all need to stop using the Daily Mail as a source FOREVER. Do not reblog, do not link, do not go to their site because they profit off ad traffic, and tell anybody you see doing any of these to immediately and permanently stop. We can’t run them into the ground but we can at least put a little dent in their profits and we can at least stop legitimising their bile by giving them anything other than negative attention.


Mary Magdalene
Leonardo Da Vinci, 1515

my life is basically that of an upper middle class victorian lady and it’s really boring

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I’ve upped my dosage of amitriptyline and the pain seems to be upping to match it \o/

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god I am so thankful that I don’t watch GoT, I don’t think I could handle it. WTF, peoples.

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Paolo and Francesca da Rimini by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1867.

why oh why is there a company out there that has a blush called fluoxetine? not funny, sry. 

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Rui Yang in “Colours of Gion” by Skyy Woo for Singapore BridesApril 2014

also i’m rewatching the tudors (only the first two series because natalie dormer) and it just makes me so angry but at the same time natalie dormer

although i wish they’d given her contacts to give her those famous dark eyes.

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since the government can’t/won’t give me any help whatsoever i have to find a way to make money really which sucks because i have very little energy to create a business from home. BUT i think i have a few ideas that may work…? so I have been getting crafty. 

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Parallel Lives - Two Queens Beheaded: Marie Antoinette / Mary Stuart

[source: Todocollecion]

Is it just me or is that Carole Lombard and Jean Harlow?

I slept all day and feel like absolute shit. 

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Goals for the summer: silver shoes, glittery lips, holographic nails

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